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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Four Don’ts to Follow in Distance Education

The urge to know and to study cannot be contained. This is a reason behind the craze of the current generation to pursue studies apart from the need for job and a formal requirement of education. For every truant of primary school, study might be a punishment, but, as they grow older, they understand the necessities of those moments in school and with books. Thanks to correspondence courses that has offered greater flexibility in the education system. This has opened wide possibilities of learning and education to people who cannot afford traditional classroom lectures.

With the advent of modern technology, distance learning courses have become more communicative and beneficial. Along with it, numerous education institutes started providing these courses. They are upgraded with technology to replicate classroom lectures directly to students through online videos. They can be accessed anywhere in the world with the help of internet. These courses are helpful for intensive learning. However, if you are a prospective student, you need to care about certain aspects of this education to achieve better. Here are four don’ts to follow:

1. Don’t Take it Lightly

Always be serious about studies, in whatever mode they might be. These courses are as stringent as normal courses. Distance education provider such as Karnataka University has strict rules for course curriculums and time duration.

2. Don’t Skip Assignments
You will be required to submit assignments on routine basis. They keep the flow as well as evaluation of your study. Almost in every courses of distance education in India, regular submission of assignments is a must.  Also, skipping assignments will bring you more burdens afterwards.

3. Don’t Procrastinate
Since, in this mode of education, there is no one to motivate you to study in contrasts to traditional classroom courses where one learns along with teachers and classmates, procrastination becomes one of the major obstacles for students. Keep yourself away from this habit.

4. Don’t Skip Exams
In many courses, there are provisions to appear for exams along with previous papers. However, this should not be the reason of skipping exams. Appear for exams regularly. Educators such as Karnataka Open University provides online platform for examination. Such features help student better.