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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Benefits of Online Distance Learning Courses

Distance education in India is becoming a popular trend. More students are enrolling themselves in these courses and are successful in gaining both knowledge and certificates. Critics might argue that distance education is never better than on-campus class room courses. But the matter of discussion here is education and it can be anywhere as long as there is communication. In fact, online education programs have greater advantages that cannot be provided by campus education.

•A distance learning courses is provided via internet. Therefore, it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. With these courses, one can learn with greater flexibility of time and place. There is no routine for this.

•Online University courses provide much larger choice. There are many free online certificate courses, both paid and free provided by reputed universities. The great advantage is; one can access them from any part of the world as long as they have access to internet.

•Free online courses with certificate are authentic, as the mode of evaluation is no lesser than that of campus evaluations. The evaluation system is based on merit and level of knowledge of the student. In this system assignments and exams are held regularly. A student cannot earn certificates without learning.

•This mode of education is open for all. They are much better choice for working people who earns at the same time while studying. On the other hand, even students who are admitted to a college or university could carry on an online course of interest at the same time. •Distance education saves both time and money extensively. There is no need of travelling and direct communication to classrooms. Most of the online courses are cheap without a compromise in quality. In India, KSOU online degree courses of Karnataka University are quality courses with lesser fees.

•Another good advantage of online courses is motivation. It is a fact that, an authentic online certificate can be gained only by learning the courses thoroughly. There are no personal guides to force a student to study. It depends all upon self motivation and interest of the student.