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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Part Time MBA Program

MBA is a much sought out course that many want to earn to climb the ladder of success. Students want to enroll themselves in this program to value add to their resume. Working professionals who always wanted to join in an MBA course and did not get time to pursue the course, want to join in a full time MBA course while working with their respective organizations.

Apart from many traditional B-schools, many universities offer these programs. Both types of MBA program, that is a MBA part time and a MBA full time have advantages and disadvantages. A student has to see which type suits him or her and join in it. With technology coming to aid the MBA part time program is structured in such a way that any student can get access to the course content, attend virtual classes and even get his or her doubts clarified in a chat medium. All this can happen when a student logs into his account provided by the university for Distance learning MBA . Students are provided with username and password with which they can access to the course from anywhere and at anytime. However, there are some disadvantages also. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of such a program.

Advantages of a Part time MBA

These programs are advantageous for students who want to MBA in Information Technology . These programs are also beneficial to the students who have an experience in business or working with some organization for a period of time and want to gain managerial skills and develop their career or business.

• Classes usually take place in the mornings or in the evenings. That is before or after working hours.
• Managerial skills can be developed without quitting the existing jobs.
• The MBA Part time program costs less as compared to a MBA full time program. That is the reason why many students who cannot afford for a MBA full time program also enroll in the part time MBA program.

Disadvantages of a Part-time MBA

• Class room feel is missing in MBA part time program. A regular class that usually helps a student is missing in it.
• While completing a part time MBA program, frequent travelling and relocation may be a hassle for those who do not want to travel.
• In many MBA program, there is no t